Public Statement in Response to OPSEU Blog Posted on September 11, 2012

September 12, 2012
We are extremely disappointed that the OPSEU Blog posted on September 11, 2012 omitted context and factual information regarding a staff meeting. One of the topics of the meeting was a broad conversation about building trust and improving relationships. The video was presented as an example of an inappropriate way to build trust. Other tools were also used to show ways to enhance trust and positively improve relationships. In no way was the video intended to “intimidate staff.” On the contrary, Ontario Shores and its leaders value respect and trust in the workplace and have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and bullying. All staff and managers receive Respect in the Workplace training and education.

Ontario Shores remains committed to ongoing dialogue with OSPEU Local 331 on any and all matters of interest.

For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact:
Communications and Public Affairs
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
905-430-4055 ext. 4001