Ontario Shores Receives International Recognition for New Website

July 16, 2012

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) has received international recognition for their work in the website redesign project: Making it Click at ontarioshores.ca.

In May 2011, Ontario Shores unveiled a new website that features informative, interactive and engaging content resulting in over one million page views with 87,233 new visitors and 250,839 total visits (May 2011 to June 2012).

The organization has been recognized with three awards of distinction from Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC):

  • Grand Award (APEX) based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence
  • Gold Quill Award of Merit (IABC International) for Communication Management – Electronic, Digital and Interactive Communications
  • Ovation Award of Merit (IABC Toronto) for Communication Management – Electronic, Digital and Interactive Communications

These awards celebrate excellence in the management of technology-based communication projects and recognize the creation of a new tool that is developed using a full range of planning and communication management skills, including strategy, creativity, consultation, analysis, tactical implementation and evaluation.

Ontario Shores is also recognized by IABC (Toronto) with an Ovation Award of Merit for the 2010-2011 Annual Report: Answering the Call under the Creative – Publication Design category.

“It is an honour to receive recognition on both regional and international levels,” said Glenna Raymond, President and CEO, Ontario Shores.

“Congratulations to the Ontario Shores Communications Team for your creativity, innovation and strategic approach to addressing the needs of our stakeholders,” she continued. “Thank you to the many contributors from the community for your feedback during the Make it Click consultation process, and to the patients, families and staff who openly shared their stories of hope for our website and annual report.”

For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact:
Communications and Public Affairs
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
905-430-4055 ext. 4001