CAW Local 222 Fighting Mental Health Illness with Ontario Shores Foundation

December 06, 2012
(Whitby, ON) December 4, 2012 - Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health (Ontario Shores Foundation) is once again honoured to receive the support and charitable gift of $10,000 from CAW Local 222. This is the second year CAW Local 222 has earmarked Ontario Shores Foundation as a recipient for the work they are doing to enhance mental health care for people in the community.

The relationship between Ontario Shores Foundation and CAW Local 222 did not begin by accident, but as a relationship. CAW Local 222 President Chris Buckley and Ontario Shores Foundation Chair Dan Carter attended an event at the facility in 2011 to learn more about the programs and services offered at Ontario Shores. That trip yielded not only a greater knowledge of the care provided, but an appreciation of the mutual compassion Foundation chair Dan Carter and CAW Local 222 President Chris Buckley share for people in the community.

“Chris possesses a compassion and kindness for anyone struggling with day-to-day issues” says Carter. “He understands the challenges that families and individuals have when struggling with mental health and addictions.”

CAW Local 222 has a long and proud history of not only providing service to their members but also supporting charitable organizations in the community. “As a union we give back to our communities and help those who are less fortunate,” says Buckley. “All of us no matter who we are, have family members that struggle with mental health issues. Those are serious issues where people are looking for a hand up to get through the situation. I am fortunate I am in a position where I can help people.”

“Mental health doesn’t discriminate and touches everyone no matter what sector of the economy, people can identify. It is an illness. We need more organizations to step ahead and help people suffering. We need to understand it as an illness and act,” says Buckley.

The donation this year is different from last year states Neil Hannam, Executive Director of Ontario Shores Foundation. “The $10,000 donation this year supports the overall general work done at Ontario Shores enabling us to spread the gift across many programs. We are proud to once again be the recipient of this gift from CAW Local 222,” says Hannam.

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The Social Justice Fund at CAW Local 222 is a direct link between the union’s dedication to defending worker’s rights at the bargaining table and improving the lives of worker’s rights in the community. Since its inception the Social Justice Fund has worked with many organizations to improve the lives of those in need. Ontario Shores Foundation is honoured to be one of them.

About Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health:
Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health (Ontario Shores Foundation) was created in 2009 to raise funds to support Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and its care, services, programs and support for patients and families.

Ontario Shores Foundation’s fundraising is driven by the belief that Ontario Shores’ mental health care, treatment, programs and services fill a key need in today’s society. Community support is crucial to funding Ontario Shores’ ongoing innovation, research and teaching, mental illness awareness and stigma reduction programs and mental health promotion as well as the renovation and building of recovery-focused spaces. Our donors are helping address mental health issues on local, provincial and national levels.

About Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences:
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) is a leader in mental health care, providing a spectrum of specialized assessments and treatment services for people living with complex mental illness. Patients benefit from a recovery-oriented environment of care, built on compassion, inspiration and hope. Ontario Shores engages in research, education and advocacy initiatives to advance the mental health care system.

For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact:
For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact:
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Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
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