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Brand Standards

Ontario Shores launched its new name, tagline and visual identity in 2009 to better reflect the hospital’s expanded mandate, role and future directions.

For more information or assistance on the use of our brand, please contact the Communications and Public Affairs Department at or 905.430.4001.

Meaning of the Ontario Shores Brand

Ontario Shores reflects the geographic scope of services and the spectacular location of the main campus that overlooks Lake Ontario. On a symbolic level, shores implies a safe place at the intersection of land and water, expressing the hospital’s role in treating patients with serious mental illness and helping individuals on their journey to recovery.

Centre for Mental Health Sciences represents the organization’s focus on scientific research and education to improve patient care. As a teaching hospital, it demonstrates the organization’s role as a specialized mental health care provider using evidence-based best practices.

The circular symbol of the logo subtly reflects the letter O and S within an image of a shoreline to demonstrate a path to symbolic recovery. The bright colours convey healing, optimism and hope. The use of earth tones reflects the natural environment and the warmth and compassion the organization has always been known for.

The tagline, Discovery. Recovery. Hope. encapsulates the organization’s vision. The term ‘discovery’ expresses the important role self-discovery plays in the patient’s journey to recovery, the organization’s commitment to research and ongoing learning for its health professionals. Discovery, and the opportunity for recovery, is the basis of hope for patients, families and communities.

Use of the Corporate Name

The full name of the organization is Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. The approved short form of the name is Ontario Shores.

When using the hospital name in documents, please use the following standard:

First use of the name is Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) with the approved short form in brackets. Following that, the short form, Ontario Shores can be used throughout the document.

Corporate Logo

The Ontario Shores logo is the basis of our visual identity. It consists of three parts, the symbol, word mark and descriptor. These components must be used all together at all times. The logo must always be placed in a highly visible position on a white background. The symbol must always be used with the words and cannot be separated. For a copy of the logo, please contact the Communications and Public Affairs Department at 905.430.4001 or

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