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GRAND ROUNDS -- The Leisure and Well-Being Model of Therapeutic Recreation  Export Event
Date and Time 
Feb 7 2019 11:00 AM -- 12:00 PM
Location  Lecture Theatre - Building 5, Level 2
Description The Leisure and Well-Being Model of Therapeutic Recreation: Living Well with Mental Illness

Presented by:
Colleen Deyell Hood, Ph.D., RP, CTRS
Professor, Department of Recreation & Leisure Studies, Brock University

Learning Objectives:
1. Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between free time engagements (leisure) and recognizing, using and developing personal strengths.
2. Demonstrate understanding of the role of leisure in supporting emotion regulation through increased positive emotion and increased distress tolerance.
3. Demonstrate understanding of the basic tenets of the Leisure and Well-Being Model of TR Practice.

Lecture Theatre, Conference Place, Building 5
Participants are welcome to bring their lunch!

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