Volunteer Opportunities

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Drop-In Centre

The Drop-In Centre provides a "family room environment" for patients with friendly conversation, books, magazines, cards, puzzles, games and refreshments. Volunteers interact with patients, play cards, return books to their designated locations and keep the room tidy and clean. Hot chocolate is available to patients and is served by the volunteers.

Family Resource Centre (FRC)

The Family Resource Centre is a dedicated therapeutic space for families to receive and share knowledge, access resources and connect with other families for support and encouragement. Families play an important role in their loved one’s recovery and this dedicated space will provide both knowledge and support in a warm, child friendly environment. Volunteers assist patients and families in accessing services, resources, programming and internet resources.  

Forensic Program

The Forensic Program at Ontario Shores provides assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and community reintegration services to patients who have come in contact with the law. With individual recovery plans, patients can progress to a less restrictive environment and return to the community, consistent with public safety and within the limits of their defined Ontario Review Board (ORB) Dispositions.

Geriatric Program

The Geriatric Program is for seniors aged 65 and older with a psychiatric concern that is either treatment resistant or complex in nature presenting with one or more of the following: cognitive changes, behavioural changes, mood changes, anxiety or psychotic symptoms.

The Gift Shop

The shop is staffed by volunteers and patients with proceeds supporting the enhancement of patient programs. Volunteers assist customers, replenish and restock items and keep the shop tidy and clean.

The Information Desk

The Information Desk is partially staffed by volunteers and is a critical link for patients, staff, and visitors at Ontario Shores. Located in the Main Entrance, the Information Desk is the first point of contact in the hospital. Volunteers assist patients, staff, and visitors with general inquiries both in person and by phone.


Research at Ontario Shores spans a diverse range of specialties and populations with a specific focus on the management and prevention of serious mental illnesses. Our research aims to prevent and reduce stigma, and to improve recovery and wellness outcomes in populations that range from adolescents to seniors, as well as specialty populations such as eating disorders, forensics and dual diagnoses.

Special Events

Volunteers support the various patient special events which are organized by Central Recreation and held throughout the year.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Services coordinate a range of worship programs, services and guidance support to meet the needs of patients, families, staff and to ensure all religions and cultures are represented and celebrated at Ontario Shores. Staff also promote understanding and tolerance across all cultural belief systems and support patients’ spiritual and religious needs as they transition back to the community.

Vocational Services

Vocational and Adult Education services provides individual assessment, career and education counselling, skills training, and community employment opportunities for both inpatients and outpatients in a welcoming and recovery- oriented environment. Our volunteers assist with computer training and tutoring.

University/College Summer Student Volunteer Program

The Summer Student Program is open to college, university or students 18 years and older as Police Information Checks for vulnerable sector are mandatory.

The 2020 summer program is now accepting applicants.