Applications and Forms

Please note that all new study submissions require a fulsome protocol. 

Please note that the Ontario Shores REB no longer requires hard copy submissions. Given policy constraints regarding electronic signatures, instead of e-signing forms, please do one of the following: 

1. Scan signed hard-copy forms with signatures and email them to

2. Attach emails from individuals whose signatures are requested on application forms. These emails should state that the email serves as an indication of approval of the specific forms their approval is required on (please list these in the email). The email should also contain a statement that indicates that the email serves in lieu of a hard-copy signature. 


Initial Submissions

​1. New Study Submissions (for new Retrospective Chart Review submissions see #2)
Microsoft Word Document General REB Application: Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) Application 
Guidelines for REB Application: Guidelines for Research Ethics Review involving Human Beings

Microsoft Word Document Research Intake Analysis (RIA) Form
All studies must have the following form filled: 
Research Intake Analysis (RIA) Form A (for all non-pharmaceutical studies)
Pharmaceutical studies must also have pages 3-5 of the following form filled:
Research Intake Analysis (RIA) Form B (for all pharmaceutical studies)
(Please submit completed RIA form(s) with the approval signature from Tim Pauley, Director of Research and Academics.

Microsoft Word Document General Checklist (To accompany the REB application)

 Informed Consent Checklist (To accompany the REB application)

2. Chart Review Submissions

 Retrospective Chart Review Application

  Research Intake Analysis (RIA) Form A
(Must also submit Privacy tutorial certificates for all study personnel. See the Mandatory tutorials tab)

  Data Creation Form (To accompany REB application when requesting internal data from Decision Support).

3. Board of Record Studies (where Ontario Shores REB has delegated oversight to Ontario Tech)

Ongoing Review

Amendment Forms (for changes to protocol, consent form(s), study materials, or study personnel):


 Amendment Checklist and Report

 Change in Principal Investigator Application Form

 Change in Study Personnel Amendment Form

Annual Review: Form (for continuing a study):
 REB Application for Annual/Continuing Approval

Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Reporting
  External Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Reporting Form
Local Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Reporting Form
PDF document New Criteria for Reporting External/Local SAEs

Protocol Deviations

 Protocol Deviation Guidelines and Report

Study Closure

Final Study Closure (for closing a study):

 Final Study Closure Report