Proxy (Family/Friend) Enrolment Instructions (HealthCheck Quick Tip)

To enroll into Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck Patient Portal as a Proxy, (Family/Friend) please contact the Ontario Shores Health Information Management Department (HIM):

Phone: 905-430-4061

1. You will need to provide Health Information Management (HIM) with the following information, (in person or via email):

a. Valid Government ID
b. Legal documentation form for the consent/use/disclosure of PHI to help with patient care OR signed form by the patient for access
c. Signed form to request access to Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck by the patient
d. Valid email address

2. The Health Information Management (HIM) department will sign you up and you will be emailed a one-time login ID and password and a link to the Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck Patient Portal. This is valid for 72 hours.

3. Select the link and sign in using the one time login ID and password.


4. Once logged in, you will be prompted to create a new user ID, a new password and set up your security questions.

5. You are now enrolled into Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck Patient Portal and can view personal health information for the patient.