Our Stories

Everyone at Ontario Shores plays a role in enhancing mental health care. Through daily activities, special projects and positive interactions, staff, patients, volunteers and family members work in partnership to foster an environment of discovery, recovery and hope. The hard work and enthusiasm shown by each person involved in the journey to recovery is reflected in our patients’ happiness, well-being and success.  We encourage individuals to share their stories and talk about their accomplishments with pride to advance mental health care and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. See some of our stories below.

  • Natalie painting on canvas
    Nalalie - Patient and Artist
    Quiet. Artistic. Humble.
    Natalie's Story
  • Sharlene
    Sharlene - Patient
    "It's a Wonderful Program"
    Sharlene's Story
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne - Patient
    "I know I have someone that will listen"
    Yvonne's Story
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer - Patient
    "I Needed Something More"
    Jennifer's Story
  • Jessica
    Jessica - Artist
    "I Now Feel Like I Can Be Successful in Life" 
    Jessica's Story
  • Michelle
    Michelle - Family
    "Mental Illness is the Same as any Chronic Illness" 
    Michelle's Story
  • Nate
    Nate - Patient
    "I Feel Like I Can Help Others" 
    Nate's Story
  • Utaya
    Utaya - Patient
    "I’m Very Focused and Independent" 
    Utaya's Story
  • Valene
    Valene - Patient
    "I Pushed Through My Fear and Started Off Small" 
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  • Roxanna
    Roxanna - Patient
    Real Talk on Let’s Talk: This is Mental Illness 
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  • Robin
    Robin - Patient
    "I wasn't a bad kid" 
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  • Carley
    Carley - Patient
    "Nothing Felt As If It Was Going Right" 
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  • Brian
    Brian - Patient
    "I Want to Share My Story to Help Others" 
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  • Binah Moon
    Binah- Artist
    "I feel like I always struggled to fit in and I was able to create a beautiful ..."  Read Story
  • Chelsea
    Chelsea - Patient
    "I felt like I was never meant to live to see 17." 
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  • Janet
    Janet - Patient
    "I am learning how to relax and control my illness." 
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  • Julie
    Julie - Staff
    "I take this opportunity to give back in a very meaningful way." 
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  • Matthew
    Matthew - Patient
    "Mental illness is only one part of my life, not my life." 
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  • Rhonda
    Rhonda - Family Member
    "Our home environment gradually became more and more unbearable'" 
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  • Rima
    Rima - Patient
    "We want other families to learn from our experiences." 
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  • ScotiaBankRun
    Team Shayne - Family Members
    "Every member of our team, those who contribute and share in our pain help to raise money for a great cause." 
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  • Amanda
    Amanda - Volunteer
    "It's been an extremely rewarding experience." 
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  • Simon
    Simon - Volunteer
    "I encourage students who are looking for research opportunities in mental health to look into Ontario Shores." 
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  • Mariam
    Mariam - Volunteer
    "I love it. I want to be here. I want to be a part of this organization." 
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  • Phyllis
    Phyllis' Story of Recovery
    "When I first came to Ontario Shores I wasn't well, but I'm feeling a lot better now."
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  • Dr. Pamela Wilansky-Traynor
    Pamela - Psychologist
    "Right up until adulthood our brain is continuously changing."
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  • Brad - an Ontario Shores outpatient
    Brad - Patient
    "When the doctor told me I had a mental illness my first reaction was denial."
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  • Maddie - an Ontario Shores Volunteer
    Maddie - Volunteer
    "You can't walk down the hall without at least three people saying hi."
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  • Alicia - an Ontario Shores Staff Member
    Alicia - Staff
    "I started working at Ontario Shores two years ago."
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  • Sarah - an Ontario Shores Volunteer
    Sarah - Volunteer
    "The patients have taught me more about myself than I have taught them."
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  • Thumbnail of Mom and Daughter. Click to watch video.
    Sandra - Daughter
    "Remember, one phone call can make a difference."
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  • Steve - a Father of Ontario Shores patients
    Steve - Father
    "I started noticing behaviours that just didn’t seem right."
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