Patient and Family Advisor Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for Patient and Family Advisors for the following positions:

Program Quality and Recovery Councils:

  • Geriatrics Program Quality and Recovery Council
    The Geriatrics Program provides a range of specialized programs to meet the complex mental health needs of seniors. Psychogeriatric assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services are provided to individuals 65 years of age and older with serious age-related mental illness and associated challenging behaviours. Service is also provided to individuals under the age of 65, who suffer from age-related dementia.
  • Forensic Program Quality and Recovery Council
    The Forensic Program at Ontario Shores provides assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and community reintegration services to patients who have come in contact with the law. With individual recovery plans, patients can progress to a less restrictive environment and return to the community, consistent with public safety and within the limits of their defined Ontario Review Board (ORB) Dispositions.
    The Forensic Program provides a General and Secure Forensic Service and follow up care for individuals living in the community.
  • Adolescents and Dual Diagnosis Service Program Quality and Recovery Council
    The onset of most mental illnesses occurs during adolescence or young adulthood and can interfere with youth as they develop independent living skills and interpersonal relationships. Mental illness can also affect a youth’s family life, and educational, recreational and vocational activities. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is essential in building a solid foundation for a bright future. Ontario Shores has recently expanded its Adolescent Program to provide youth, 12 to 17, with enhanced care and programming based on their specialized needs.
    Dual Diagnosis Service (DDS) unit provides in-depth assessment by an interdisciplinary team of professionals for complex psychiatric problems that may include challenging behaviour.
    Individualized programming includes life-skills, recreation, supportive counselling and group activities. Behavioural treatment is based on a functional assessment and includes the training and education of supporting family and community agencies.
  • Integrated Community Access Program (ICAP) Quality and Recovery Council
    The Integrated Community Access Program (ICAP) serves as a central point of access for most inpatient and outpatient services at Ontario Shores.  ICAP offers a range of expert services that include assessments, consultations, behavioral support, shared care and follow up.
  • Assessment and Reintegration Program (ARP) Quality and Recovery Council
    This program provides a safe and recovery-focused environment in which patients, family, staff and community organizations work together to provide short-term crisis intervention, stabilization and treatment. Our aim is to achieve rapid stabilization of mental health symptoms and to promote successful and timely transition back to community living and care.

Quality Standards Implementation Institute:

The Institute will support organizations in Ontario with implementation of statements from the Quality Standards for Schizophrenia (both Hospital and Community), Major Depression and Problematic Alcohol Use and Alcohol Use Disorder.

Human Resources Hiring Panels

Participating on interview panels for hiring of new leaders and other staff.

Time-limited Projects

Support a variety of special projects at the hospital to shape the design and delivery of services. The time commitment on these projects may vary.