Why our staff love their jobs

  • John
    “I like to make people happy. We have a lot of fun and we get a lot of work done.”

  • Linda
    “I like all the friendly people and the relationships I have with everyone – patients, staff, visitors – in my job I get to know them all. ”
  • Heather
    “My unit is well organized and my leader is human – she understands life.”
  • Maureen
    “I love the beautiful lakeside location and the building is so bright and sunny.”

  • Cynthia
    “I like engaging with my staff and patients, and I like that I get to mould our services.”

  • Michelle
    “I feel like my opinion matters. The people at Ontario Shores are good.”

  • Nina
    “I like the staff – and that I get to work with such a good team.”

  • Tammy
    “I like everything! I’ve been here for 25 years and I love my job!”

  • Ron
    “I love the people, I love my work and that’s why I come out here. I’m retired and it’s a great place to spend my time.”