U of T Community Partners Awards

February 04, 2014
Members of UOIT, OPP, Durham Police and Ontario ShoresAlyson Baker and Trenton Vey

Most of us can remember a teacher who had a great impact on us.  They made learning easy.  They made studying enjoyable and something we appreciated.

Students from the University of Toronto Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (OS & OT) departments have expressed this gratitude for the supervision skills of Alyson Baker and Trenton Vey, Occupational Therapists on Forensics and Dual Diagnosis Service units respectively.

Both Trenton and Alyson were honoured with the 2012/2013 Fieldwork Supervision Recognition, Community Partners Teaching Award for their impacting work with students from the University of Toronto.

“I was surprised to learn that I had been selected for this award,” states Alyson, who is currently on maternity leave.   “I have been so lucky to have had such mature, dedicated students since I started taking them in 2007. It's always a great experience.  I always learn something new and they keep me on my toes!”

For Alyson the value in knowing the individual when delivering occupational therapy is an important feature.  “I try to convey the importance of seeing the individual beyond the diagnosis. When we are learning something new, it's so hard to avoid categorizing people as we learn about new illnesses and conditions. I try to ensure the focus stays on the client's unique interests and strengths and incorporate their illness where they see fit,” says Alyson who has been with Ontario Shores just over seven years.

The awards also came as a surprise to Trenton Vey who recently returned from paternity leave.  Trenton says he enjoys the student supervision component of his role and likes promoting the benefits of occupational therapy within Forensics.  “The reasons I like doing it is because I like the teaching aspect.  I like the role of promoting OT in Forensics within the mental health setting.  Taking on students helps to update me on what’s happening within the field,” says Trenton who has been with Ontario Shores since 2006.

The Community Partners Teaching Awards are generated by students, community members, and OS & OT faculty as they consider outstanding educators who volunteer their time and skills to contribute to the education of student occupational therapists. 

Ontario Shores would also like to congratulate Trenton Vey and Alyson Baker for receiving the 2012/2013 Community Partners Teaching Award as outstanding educators.