Cultural Resources

As outlined in our Corporate Action Plan, Ontario Shores is committed to embracing cultural diversity and enhancing cultural competence as an organization.

How Ontario Shores is Supporting Culturally Competent Care

Cultural competence is defined as the capacity to provide appropriate care for diverse patients, overcoming sociocultural differences and other systemic challenges to reduce inequities (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, & Park, 2005). Cultural competence is a “set of congruent behaviours, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals and enables that system, agency, or professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations” (Cross, Bazron, Dennis, and Isaacs, 1989, p. 4).

Some themes associated with this definition are listed, but not limited to;

  • Health Equity for All
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Collaborative Patient Care
  • Understanding Values
  • Reducing Health Disparities
  • Respecting Cultural Differences
  • Celebrating Uniqueness
  • Encouraging Personal Stories

Cultural Services Available to Patients and Families

Symbolism of the Inuksuk

First Nations painting of an InuksukThe Inuksuk is a representation that can be applied to many aspects of teamwork and the quality of care and way of life offered here at Ontario Shores. All of the Champions were given Inuksuk pins with the below story that shares the symbolism of their representation of Cultural Competence.

Inuksuk are stone monuments erected in the image of humans. One of their purposes was to communicate direction in the harsh and desolate Arctic. As such they were a tool for survival, and symbolic of the unselfish acts of a nomadic people - the Inuit - who built them as signposts to make the way easier and safer for those who followed.

The hands of many and the efforts of an entire group were required to build these massive stone sculptures. They are the result of a consensus of purpose, of focused action by a group united in its goal and labour. The Inuksuk are the product of cooperation, teaching us that as good as our individual efforts may be, together we can do even greater things.

Each stone is a separate entity. Each supports, and is supported by, the one above and the one below it. No one piece is any more or less important than another.

Its strength lies in its unity. Its significance comes from its meaning as a whole. What is true about the Inuksuk is true about people. Each individual entity alone has significance. As part of a team each of us supports, and is supported by, another. We are united by our common goals, and together we are part of a greater whole.

The Inuksuk are a symbol of the human spirit. They recognize our ability to succeed with others, where we would fail alone. They remind us of our need to belong to something greater than ourselves. They reinforce our ability to commit to common goals.

The Inuksuk celebrate our working together. They continue to remind us of our inter-dependent responsibilities to invest our efforts today, to direct a better way for all of our tomorrows.

Translated Materials 

Integrated Assessment Record (IAR) Information for Patients
IAR Information For Patients And SDMs - Chinese Simplified.pdf
IAR Information For Patients And SDMs - Chinese Traditional.pdf
IAR Information For Patients And SDMs - FRENCH.pdf
IAR Information For Patients And SDMs - Italian.pdf
IAR Information For Patients And SDMs - Portuguese.pdf
IAR Information For Patients And SDMs - Tamil.pdf

Patient Feedback Form
Patient Feedback - French.pdf
Patient Feedback - Italian.pdf
Patient Feedback - Portuguese.pdf
Patient Feedback - Simplified Chinese.pdf
Patient Feedback - Tamil.pdf
Patient Feedback - Traditional Chinese.pdf

Patient Safety

ORB Status
ORB Status - French.pdf
ORB Status - Italian.pdf
ORB Status - Chinese Simplified.pdf
ORB Status - Portuguese_consecutive.pdf
ORB Status -TAMIL.pdf
ORB Status - Chinese Traditional.pdf