Parking and Entrances

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Parking Pay Stations

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Frequent Visitor Passes

* Please make note of new Visitor Rates effective September 29.

Frequent Visitor Pass - 5 uses*   $25.00
Frequent Visitor Pass - 10 uses  $50.00
Frequent Visitor Pass - 30 uses  $150.00

* Each use is good for a 24 hour period.

Step 1: Key FOB is available from the Parking Office (Building 1, Level 2, Admitting Entrance) or from Switchboard
Step 2: Activate/Reload key FOB by calling Precise ParkLink at 416.243.6988.
Step 3: Once activated, tap FOB on top row of key pad and wait about 2 minutes for receipt to be printed.
Step 4: Place receipt face up on the dashboard displaying date and time.
Step 5: Park in general parking spaces only - not Visitors.

Visitor Pay and Display

Per Hour $3.50
Per Day $10.00

Accessibility Parkers and Service Contractors refer to rates above.

See our Visitor Parking Policy.

For visitors coming on a regular basis please contact the Parking Office at 905 430-4055, Ext. 6806, for other options.

Family Member Permits

Payment Methods at the Finance Office: Cash, Cheque or Credit Card

Monthly Family Member Permits can be purchased at the Parking Office

  • Complete Permit Application Form
  • Make payment at the Finance Office located at Building 5, Level 3
  • Provide payment receipt at the Parking Office to receive your Parking Hang Tag

Please Note: A Family Member Permit entitles you to "General Parking" spaces only, not Visitors.

Parking Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Closed: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. daily
Closed for all Statutory Holidays, including Remembrance Day and Family Day

All parking revenue goes into providing hospital services, and covering costs not provided by the government, including the snow removal and maintenance of the parking lots, and administrative costs related to parking services. The revenue from paid parking in 2018-2019 totaled $674,000.