Expense Reports

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) is committed to being accountable, open and transparent with its stakeholders and the general public. Compliant with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (BPSAA), Ontario Shores posts the expense claims of all board members and senior management team.  

Board of Directors

 Name  Title
 Current Directors
Michael Boyce Chair
Tahira Hassan Vice-Chair
Andrew Arifuzzaman Member
Imtiaz Daniel Member
Viraj Desai Member
Michael Dewson Member
Judy Geary Member
Dale Goldhawk  Member 
Ted Moroz Member
Giovanni Vatieri Member
Paul Przybylo Member
Kori Kingsbury Member
Ann Weir Member
 Recent Former Board Members*
Barb Cooney Member
Scott Dudgeon Member

* This page only displays members who have incurred expenses since September 30, 2017. Additional former members who incurred expenses prior to that date can be found under the Expense Reports Archive. 

Senior Management Team

 Name     Title
 Current Senior Management Team
Karim Mamdani President and CEO
John Chen Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Ilan Fischler Physician-in-Chief
Dr. Philip Klassen Vice-President, Medical Services
Sanaz Riahi Vice-President, Practice, Research and Chief Nursing Executive
Dawne Barbieri Vice-President, Practice, Research and Chief Nursing Executive
Karima Velji Vice-President, Clinical Services
 Recent Former Senior Management Team Members*
Dr. Barbara Mildon Vice-President, Practice, Human Resources, Research and CNE

* All former members that have not incurred expenses since September 30, 2015 are listed in the Expense Reports Archive.